TraXsim Overview

Flexible and robust simulator

Now substantially improved and simplified

TraXsim is an integrated simulator for electrical, electromechanical and electromagnetic phenomena in electric transportation systems (e.g. railways, metros, tram lines, but also various forms of electric vehicles) and may be extended to electric distribution networks. Its intended use is for power consumption and system sizing, determination of energy efficiency and evaluation of energy storage solutions, as well as traffic policies, electric safety demonstration, evaluation of interference to safety and non-safety related elements (e.g. signaling), estimation of electromagnetic emissions including human exposure. A traffic layer is under development.

Field of application

Addresses a wide range of studies

The simulation of electromagnetic phenomena in a broad sense is part of the sizing of the traction supply, of the EMC analysis and in general of the demonstration of compliance.

A custom tool was needed for internal use and for commercialization, with trains moved by a traffic module, dynamic behavior and power absorption governed by the electromechanical module, calculating electric/electromagnetic variables of the network, and able to embed finite element analysis.

The simulator is conceived to embed any on-site data,also in real time.

Application and functions:

  • Impact on the environment (e.m. field, induction, stray current)
  • Electric energy transmission and distribution (static, no Traffic or Electromechanical modules)
  • Traction supply design and sizing
  • Grounding and electrical safety
  • Interference to signalling